Everserve infrastructure software strengthens the security and reliability of digital asset delivery by automating the encrypted distribution of applications, content and data.



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Everserve Capabilities

Everserve automatically establishes a secure distribution topology, certificate-secured, across any network.

Everserve distributes digital “packages” (software, files, data, or commands) across that network, to servers, desktops, laptops, or other networked devices.

Everserve can optionally execute remote commands on each endpoint (scripts, commands, installers, patches, diagnostics, etc.).

Everserve centrally gathers detailed delivery results and other information from each endpoint.

Everserve is available as infrastructure for custom application development or for embedding in other middleware, and is also available as applications for secure content distribution and secure system management.


Everserve Applications

Content Distrbution

  • Sharing sensitive data through intranet/extranet portals
  • Secure and reliable transport of very large email attachments
  • Securing web applications’ data
  • Securing integration pipes between applications
  • Data sharing among sites

System Management

  • Remote system management for laptops
  • Rapid, proactive distribution of critical security patches
  • Management of Common Operating Environments