Articles in the business, trade and analyst press validate the need for Synchron Networks' secure and reliable delivery of critical business information and other digital assets. Listed below are excerpts from media sources highlighting the problems that Everserve solves.

Worm Hits Microsoft, Which Ignored Own Advice

A rogue program called "SQL Slammer" disabled servers running Microsoft software that had not been updated with a patch--issued months ago--to fix vulnerability. The worm hindered operations of hundreds of thousands of computers, slowed Internet traffic and even disrupted thousands of ATM machines. Some of Microsoft's internal servers were affected, and service to users of Microsoft Network was significantly slowed. Experts note that Slammer did not contain malicious code that could have caused extensive damage and huge losses. (New York Times, Jan. 28, 2003)

With Everserve, any company can rapidly deploy critical updates across the entire enterprise to reduce vulnerability and improve performance.

Security Vital to Communications Infrastructure

Security is one of the most important elements of the communications infrastructure. It is also one of the most rapidly changing and complex areas. As if this does not present enough of a challenge, security is also an area in which most enterprises do not have a large number of (or any) experienced and knowledgeable staff, because the demand for security people has for years outstripped the availability. (Gartner, Apr. 9, 2002)

Everserve reduces the need for an expensive, highly experienced IT staff. It is easily installed and contains built-in security that automatically delivers any data package to any authorized end device.

Internet Vulnerabilities Result in Billions Lost

The number of newly discovered vulnerabilities reported to the CERT/CC continues to more than double each year. It is difficult for administrators to keep up to date with patches. Because of the trend toward the automated discovery of new vulnerabilities in technologies, the so-called “time to patch” is becoming increasingly small. Perhaps the largest impact of security events is the time and resource requirements to deal with them. Computer Economics estimated that the total economic impact of Code Red was $2.6 billion, and Sircam cost another $1.3 billion. (CERT Coordination Center, Apr. 8, 2002)

Everserve automates the delivery of as many patches as necessary, as often as needed. No longer do resource and time constraints dictate whether or not you keep up with the proliferation of patches necessary to keep your systems secure.

Secure Data Exchange Increasingly Needed for Government

By signing the E-Government Act into law, President Bush has taken a giant step toward launching the federal government into the information age. E-government is designed to make it easier for citizens and businesses to access government information and services. ... [P]rivacy and security issues will be paramount as citizen information is increasingly gathered and exchanged among numerous agencies' systems. (CIO Magazine, Mar. 1, 2003)

Everserve's automated PKI provides point-to-point protection for sensitive information.

IT Attacks Via the Internet Skyrocket

Gartner estimates that 90 percent of security breaches take advantage of poorly configured or unpatched servers; such breaches are easily preventable if security processes are followed. (Gartner, Mar. 13, 2002)

Depend on Everserve to ensure all your desktops, laptops and servers have the necessary patches immediately.

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) and Everserve Work Together
to Reduce Vulnerability Due to Hackers

Microsoft has implemented a tool that centrally scans Windows-based computers for common security misconfigurations, known as the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer… MBSA generates individual security reports for each computer that is scanned for security issues in the Windows operating system, Microsoft Internet Information Systems (IIS), Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Internet Explorer.(CNET News.com, Apr. 26, 2002)

Everserve can distribute and activate security patches identified by the MBSA tool, rapidly and efficiently, throughout your enterprise.