Synchron Networks partners with innovative companies that enhance Everserve™ products and services for our customers as part of the Synchron Partner Direct program. Together these partnerships form a network of companies that can deliver best-of-breed secure distribution product and service solutions.

Synchron Partners: Fiorano, IBM, Opdagen, Sun Microsystems, Sunset Technology Group, Tally Systems, Utah State Bar Association


Fiorano is a technology partner as a middleware infrastructure leader in the area of messaging and enterprise application integration. Synchron is an integration partner with their JMS and Tifosi solutions. Fiorano was the first to provide a JMS solution that meets the J2EE platform specifications. Tifosi is an application integration solution for peer-to-peer system communication, business process management and collaborative applications.


Synchron is an IBM developer partner in the areas of application server integration, messaging infrastructure integration, database integration and system management integration as required by IBM clients.


Opdagen, a Pennsylvania-based corporation, is a leading provider of specialized information technology solutions to the Fortune 500 and Public Sector. Opdagen is a provider of tailored solutions targeted at improving organizational workflow processes and maximizing efficiency in the following areas:
     Enterprise Systems Management (ESM)
     Infrastructure Resource Management (IRM)
     Distributed Systems Integration (DSI)
     Program Resource Management (PRM)

Sun Microsystems

Synchron is a Sun developer partner supporting the Solaris platform. Everserve is a Java™ program that runs on any platform that supports the Java Virtual Machine. Everserve runs on Solaris as a scalable platform in particular for its back-end management functions.

Sunset Technology Group

Sunset Technology Group is an established government solution provider that identifies business vulnerabilities and operational risk and creates "roadmap" solutions to ensure enduring operations even under the most adverse conditions. It provides value added reselling, process, and technology integration services to federal government divisions. Registered with SBA and Veteran Affairs as a small, disabled veteran-owned company.

Tally Systems

Tally Systems is a Synchron Networks marketing partner. Tally Systems delivers innovative IT asset management solutions that work with existing systems to ensure effective technology investment and successful IT projects. Tally Systems pioneered automated PC inventory over a decade ago, and continues to develop applications, services and integrations to support critical IT initiatives such as migrations, software license compliance and mergers and acquisitions. Solutions focus on solutions around disaster recovery, software compliance, windows migration and merger and acquisition audits.

Utah State Bar Association

The Utah State Bar Association is an alliance partner. It takes a proactive approach to member obligations and regulatory compliance regarding privacy. The Bar is working with Synchron to promote the Everserve solution to Bar members throughout Utah. The Bar considers it a priority to introduce its membership to appropriate new technology solutions that benefit the practice of law. A key benefit of the Synchron solution is the strong protection it offers for client confidentiality.