Eversend enables end-users to easily and securely send important files of any size over the Internet.

Eversend provides one-click delivery of any file without clogging your mail system. Users simply use an Eversend screen in their browser to select files to send and a recipient email address to receive them.

The Eversend system then notifies the recipient by email and assures that the file is transmitted securely . Email confirmation of delivery is sent to the sender, providing a straightforward tracking and notification system.

Value to the Users

  • Send files that are too big for attaching to email
  • Receive email notifications that recipient has obtained the file
  • Easy to use through your existing web-browser and email client
  • No specialized technical knowledge - don't need to use FTP

Value to the Enterprise

  • Assured delivery of critical documents
  • Web-browser simplicity - no training needed to send files
  • Zero-install on desktops
  • Automated PKI security over the Internet
  • Regulatory and legally defensible communication
  • Can be deployed very quickly throughout the organization
  • Real-time tracking and notification
  • Reduce sign-off and manufacturing cycle time
  • Ability to scale as needed