Everserve Secure Software Technology provides your application or infrastructure software with a highly secure and reliable transport for moving any type of digital information across any network to remote locations.

By including Everserve secure infrastructure components in your software applications or infrastructure, you can add very secure and highly reliable transport of digital assets of any size or type, over any network, to large numbers of endpoints.

Systems built with Everserve can securely distribute digital assets - files, media, data, software, or commands - quickly and reliably over LAN, WAN or Internet, and obtain detailed status/audit information about the results of every delivery to every endpoint.


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Including Everserve's software distribution and management capabilities in software or hardware you distribute also enables you to field-update any software on the system remotely and scalably. You can slash the cost of deploying bug fixes and decrease time-to-market because you can ship earlier and readily fix or upgrade after product deployment.

Everserve, implemented in Java to the J2EE standard, can be easily integrated into your software using its EJB APIs. Additionally, there is a complete command line interface that can be used for system-administration integration or rapid prototyping.

Everserve provides application-level security and a completely automated and embedded PKI and Certificate Authority. Automated queuing, using an embedded JMS, and checkpoint restart take care of intermittent connectivity and intermittently-powered systems.

Everserve is compliant with the following standards:
       Transport – TCP/IP, RMI-IIOP
       XML – DTD, XSD, XSL
       Security – MD5, RC4, PKI, AES, X.509, PKCS7, 1024RSA, SSL.Java

Case Study: Secure reliable data delivery for a custom portal application

A large national professional services firm is building their own portal to offer new web services to their customers. Confidentiality and the ability to audit communications are extremely important. They have identified Everserve technology because it gives them an easy, flexible and reliable vehicle to integrate and secure the data transfer between multiple applications and sites.

Benefits of using Everserve Secure Software Technology

  • Satisfies your clients' demands for greater security and reliability
  • Securely-encrypted and digitally-signed transport of any digital assets
               - media, files, data, software, or commands
  • Automation of end-to-end security with zero overhead
  • Fully automated and embedded PKI, encryption, certificate authority
               and digital signatures
  • Support for intermittent connections and low-bandwidth networks
  • Checkpoint-restart, persistent queuing, and dynamic reconnection
  • Validation of remote deliveries
  • Real-time summary status and detailed reporting
  • Centralized or distributed control in remote and portable environments
  • Maintain consistency of results across remote systems
  • Leverages existing network infrastructure without reconfiguration
  • Ease of integration
  • Rapid deployment