Synchron Professional Services Components

What are my business critical information resources and how is data distributed?

How are they vulnerable to attack?

How well are they protected?

  • Business process review relative to enterprise software, data flow and information security.
  • Risk management assessment.
  • On-site review of industry standards and governmental regulations.

What are my secured data distribution requirements?

Can I improve the efficiency, security and scalability? Have I done sufficient planning and preparation?

Have I done sufficient planning and preparation??

  • Map of existing technology, security requirements and business case analysis.
  • Secure content distribution architecture and via portals, content or document management systems
  • Secure and efficient data migration strategy and mobile systems management.

How do I integrate heterogeneous systems into a single distribution network?

Where do I place my controls and how do I manage progress?

How to I integrate my environment?

  • Integration of heterogeneous platforms, networks, application servers, and databases.
  • Deployment of public key encrypted communication software to unlimited devices.
  • Real-time event collection and correlation

Am I ready to improve response time for events?

Can I continue to improve my security and keep my customers happy?

  • Review Everserve deployment relative to annual strategic plan.
  • Assess annual cost improvements.
  • Measure effectiveness of Everserve relative to user and customer satisfaction.