Everserve technology has been used to create a number of solutions. Synchron offers Everserve Secure Content Distribution and Everserve Secure System Management applications for "off-the-shelf" use.

  Content Distribution

The Everserve content distribution application automates encryption, provides highly reliable delivery even over intermittent networking, and provides confirmation of delivery. Its extremely efficient transmission process and check-point restart capability are well-suited for very large files.

  • Sharing sensitive data through intranet/extranet portals
  • Secure and reliable transport of very large email attachments
  • Securing web applications’ data
  • Securing integration pipes between applications
  • Data sharing among sites

  System Management

The Everserve software distribution application simplifies management of computer networks. Because Everserve technology handles intermittent and low-bandwidth connections, it's ideal for system management, software distribution, and configuration of laptops and other devices beyond the firewall.

  • Remote system management for laptops
  • Rapid, proactive distribution of critical security patches
  • Management of Common Operating Environments