Eversend enables end-users to exchange files of any size simply, securely, reliably, and with a completely auditable delivery history.

Eversend provides a one-click delivery of any file without clogging your mail system. Users simply use an Eversend screen in their browser to select a file to send and a recipient email address to receive it.

The Eversend system then notifies the recipient by email an assures that the file is transmitted securely . Email confirmation of delivery is sent to the sender, providing a straightforward tracking and notification system for any type of user.

Eversend on any Windows, LINUX or Solaris system behind your enterprise firewall provides secured and reliable delivery of documents to any enterprise behind their firewall.

Value to the Enterprise

  • Assured Digital Asset Delivery
  • Web-browser simplicity
  • PKI security over the Internet
  • Regulatory and legally defensible communication
  • No delivery handling errors
  • Real-time tracking and notification
  • Reduce sign-off and manufacturing cycle time
  • Ability to scale as needed