January 20, 2003

Synchron Announces Everserve 2.01 Release

Synchron provides secured distribution infrastructure for Internet communications and remote management of heterogeneous systems

Scotts Valley, Calif. – Synchron Networks, a pioneer in secure distribution for business information, announced today Everserve 2.01, a secured distribution infrastructure for Internet communications and remote management of Internet and WAN-connected systems. Everserve™ secure distribution software from Synchron provides the most scalable deployment system for large files and remote installation of large applications along with real-time configuration management for distributed s ervers, desktops and laptops. Synchron will continue their focus on distributed enterprises and government agencies concerned about added security and added system reporting and real-time deployment assurance, demonstrating scalable secured operation and proven ease of deployment solutions.

Everserve 2.01 includes added communication and security measures to ensure the delivery of large files to intermittently connected systems or constrained communication links such as laptops and branch WAN systems in banks and insurance companies. "Everserve solves the problem of reliable and secure delivery of large files and remote execution across any network. Enterprise IT can extend the boundary of services beyond the corporate firewall, to field staff, customers or partners, without having to extend expensive, secure, and reliable networking," says Carl Fravel, CEO of Synchron. "Synchron reduces the cost of execution on time-sensitive project roll-outs while safeguarding existing systems without additional management cost or complexity," says Sachin Bhardwaj, Director of Business Development at Fiorano.

Everserve is a patent-pending software solution that has an automated PKI security infrastructure that provides for the secure deployment of applications, content and data within the LAN, WAN or over the Internet. Additionally, Everserve provides real-time reporting of all remote management tasks on all networked and occasionally-networked remote devices, and can reach the remote devices securely through firewalls, proxies and the Internet. The product can run on Sun, Linux, Windows and other Microsoft operating systems as well as integrate with IBM mainframes and managed environments. It can easily integrate through APIs with third-party management and business applications making this an off-the-shelf technology platform that is ideally suited for systems integration activities.

About Synchron Networks: Synchron is an innovator of secure distribution applications for the enterprise. Its technology platform easily integrates with third-party management and business applications and reliably deploys software or content to systems or users over any network. For more information about Synchron Networks Inc., visit www.synchronnetworks.com

Candace Brown