Carl Fravel, Chairman and CEO

Carl has more than 25 years of experience in high-tech management and engineering. Before founding Synchron Networks, he was senior development manager at Borland for JBuilder 1.0 and Enterprise Integration Products. Prior to that, Carl was the applications software architect and manager for WaveFrame, a company funded by Kleiner Perkins that created high-end digital audio workstations. Carl has also been a founder of a number of other startups in software and hardware engineering, electronics manufacturing and data processing service bureau operations.

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Matthew Helenek, Chief Technology Officer

Matt's 11 years of technology experience include technical leadership and chief architect roles at Veritas, 24/7 Media, and Rimboe, with extensive experience in the design and implementation of multi-tiered high volume applications and management systems in storage, supply chain, ERP, and internet applications, with a focus on market-driven requirements.

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