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The premier platform for secure and reliable management services and digital asset delivery

Synchron Networks’ Everserve software technology secures and assures system management and digital asset delivery services. Built-in queuing and automated checkpoint restart eliminate the difficulties of transport across intermittent, dynamic, and remote networks. The Everserve platform enables developers, VARs and SIs to rapidly build and deploy system management and digital transport solutions. Everserve automates encryption, PKI management, reliable highly scalable transport, and detailed auditing. Everserve supports servers, desktops, laptops and devices beyond the firewall. 


Whether you call it autonomic computing, utility computing, or grid computing, 
Everserve makes it secure.
Platform Features:
Everserve Enables:
Remote Management Deliver software, configurations, diagnostics, data files
and other digital packages
Application Management and Systems Management Enforcement of license and security policy
Security Automated PKI & Certificates with no administration overhead Utility computing management Software deployment, reconfiguration, and removal
Reliability JMS Queuing and
Checkpoint Restart
handle intermittent connections
Data Backup and File Delivery Secure data transfer between all endpoints, even across Internet
Scalability Relays and staging
server options,
unlimited package size
Diagnostics and Remediation Diagnose, audit, repair, remove
Auditing Detailed return receipts,
centralized database
Patch Management Centrally controlled push of OS and application patches
Portability Java™ Solution Antivirus and Security Management Enforce virus protection and security  policies
Use the Everserve Platform
Build an application or service on Everserve 
or add these features to your solution
Create Custom Solutions
Built by Synchron consultants
or by an authorized System Integrator

Use the Everserve platform to:

 Add security and reliability to utility computing systems

 Add remote management to new or existing software

 Build secure and reliable distributed services solutions

 Quickly deploy applications, clients, patches, updates

 Distribute files and data with end-to-end security


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