How do I remove an existing application?

The EverServe tool can offer a means for remote application management. Often, an older version of an application must be removed prior to installation of the latest version. This document is intended to illustrate a process for remote removal of an application.

Windows application uninstall:

The following package could be used to uninstall the Exceed application after it has bee installed in the default location.

command-spec commandline = "c:\Program Files\Exceed uninstall -s"
command-spec commandline = "rmdir /f /s /q 'c:\Program Files\Exceed'"

Another example of silent installation/uninstallation of an application would be the McAfee VirusScan ASaP. To install silently and without user interaction the package must copy the vssetup.exe file and then execute it.

to install:

file-spec source="c:\temp\vssetup.exe" target="c:\mcafee\vssetup.exe"
command-spec commandline = "VSSETUP.exe /ck=abcde"

to uninstall:

command-spec commandline = "c:\mcafee\vssetup.exe /Uninstall"
command-spec commandline = "rmdir /s /q /f vssetup.exe"