Contacting the Technical Support Team

Synchron Engineers are ready to assist customers to maximize the benefits from Everserve. Assistance from the Technical Support Team is available 9 AM - 5 PM Pacific Time on weekdays, excluding holidays. If you anticipate needing additional support outside these hours, please let us know in advance so that arrangements can be made to satisfy your needs.


Phone: 831-247-3983

Submit a case: use the Open Case form

Newsgroups: Raise a question about using Everserve in a newsgroup

Information To Gather Before Contacting Technical Support

Having access to the information listed below will assist Technical Support Engineers in resolving issues with Everserve:

  • A description of the issue being encountered
  • Environmental variables such as OS (and Version) of the machines involved
  • Relevant networking detail
  • Everserve Version Information
  • Everserve Installation History
  • Everserve, Transport, and Database .log and .err files
  • Everserve Community information
  • Everserve community seed file and package file specifications