Back up your community definitions

The java program that is linked to this page can be executed on the community manager in order to generate an Everserve community creation script. It may be necessary to grant SELECT privileges to the user 'everserve' on the community manager's MySql installation in order to use the utility. The appropriate commands are:

mysql> use everserve;
mysql> grant select on * to everserve identified by 'everserve';

The remaining steps to run the program are:

1. copy the classfile to the lib subdirectory found in the Everserve install directory
2. open a command window and cd into the same (Everserve/lib) directory
3. execute the following command:

../jre/bin/java -classpath .;toollib.jar CreateES

The utility will prompt you for a filename. You can specify a name with a fully qualified path or type in a name without a path to create the file in the lib directory where you are executing. If you do not type in a name, the program will create a file named community.es in the directory where you have executed the program.

Download CreateES class