Guidelines for downloading Everserve 1.1

The files on this site are subject to certain license restrictions on their use. Please click here to read the license.

You must install and start MySQL before installing Everserve if the system will be a Community Manager, Publisher, or Relay.

Solaris instructions:

The Solaris tar file can be extracted for execution of the installer using commands such as:

       # mkdir synchron
       # cd synchron
       # tar -xvf Solaris.tar
       # cd Solaris
       # ./setup.bin

This will launch a GUI install wizard program. Instructions for silent installation are found in the extracted directory.

Windows instructions:

The ZIP Archive may be extracted using WinZip or a similar program. Create a directory to hold the extracted contents, and then execute the setup.exe program.

Downloadable Files

Name Size Modified MD5 checksum Type
Solaris.tar 88270 KB Feb 25 2002 19:31:08 48872bdce6c30892cec5425693ec0de7 Solaris tar File 86749 KB Feb 25 2002 19:40:36 21ba05236cd560f414aeefff96517893 Windows ZIP Archive