Known Issues
June 19, 2003



Windows Custom Installer for WinNT4 with SP6 (relay installation) hangs during post-install configuration. Contact Technical Support for assistance when installing Relay only role capabilities on systems running Windows NT4, SP6.
Everserve email notification for failed receipts does not work as documented. There is an error in the SimpleRMI.policy file that inhibits email notification. As a workaround, edit the SimpleRMI.policy file located in the \server directory and replace the line:

permission java.net.SocketPermission "*:1024-", "connect, accept, listen"

with the line:

permission java.net.SocketPermission "*", "connect, accept, listen";

Modify the settings in the Everserve.properties file as documented in the System's Administrator's Guide, run config\xslt.bat, and restart Everserve to enable email notification for failed receipts.
UNC files cannot be read from network drives when Everserve is running with the System account. Run the Everserve service as user with the necessary network access privileges.
Filename wildcards are not recognized in a file spec in packages. A file-spec supports only a single file. To specify a set of files, create individual file specifications and list each file explicitly.
Starting the Everserve shell via the "Everserve Session" program menu item fails with no explanation if the Everserve server is not running. Ensure the Everserve server is running prior to attempting to use the Everserve Session menu item. If the console window closes after attempting to open it, check the logs in the Everserve\Server directory to determine why the Everserve server is not running.
Processes hang and a reboot is required if an interactive program is launched by a package without permission to interact with the desktop. 1. Stop the Everserve service.
2. Update Everserve Services panel to specify "Interact with Desktop" (must run as Local System).
3. Restart the Everserve service.
4. Deliver (using the -l option to specify this target) the original package.
Deliveries can get stuck in a 'pending' (yellow) status if a target is removed or deleted from a community after delivery was made and before a receipt is created. Prior to removing a peer from a community, you may want to ensure that all packages have been delivered. If this is not possible, you can use the Everserve archive command to remove any pending deliveries from the deliveries database so that it is no longer displayed when viewing deliveries.
Everweb cannot be manually started from the command line on Windows systems if Everserve is installed in a directory path that contains spaces (default). Two possible workarounds:
1. Start Everweb from Services Panel.
2. Install in a directory that does not have any spaces in the pathname.
Windows Custom Installer leaves folders that begin with "ismp" in Windows temp directory. Manually remove these files from your Windows temp directory.
Receipts are stored without details when the size of the receipt is > 1MB and the database is MySQL. Limitation with JDBC driver for MySql. Contact Synchron Networks' Technical Support group for information on how to potentially work around this limitation.
Using the Everweb delivery page, it is possible to accidentally deliver a package more than once if the link is double clicked. Be careful not to click on the deliver link more than once, as this will result in multiple deliveries of the same package.
Windows: Unable to interact with desktop with service set as specific user. None. To interact with the desktop a service must run as the System account. This is a Windows service limitation.
Package comments are removed when saving package through Everweb Package Editor. Everweb graphical package editor does not support the ability to insert comments and will remove comment lines from existing packages when saved. Use the text based XML editor to include XML style comments and never use graphical package editor to save package.
Silent install does not work if there are blank lines at the end of the properties file. Make sure there are no blank lines at the end of a properties files. Some editors such as VI will save a file with a blank line and you cannot see it in the editor. Using notepad or other text editor that does not hide last blank line allows you to see this and delete it. Problem has been reported to InstallShield.
Batch/script command specification cannot be used for binary file execution. This can be accomplished by creating a package that does the following:
1. File spec that copies the binary file to the local target.
2. Command spec that executes the copied file with a command line argument.
3. Use a command-spec to delete the local copy.
Errors occur when using double-quotes around paths for Directory and File spec elements in packages. Remove double-quotes from around file and directory spec strings. They are not required even if there are spaces in the paths. NOTE: This is not an issue for command specs as they do require quotes when there are spaces in the path.
Stopping Everserve on Target system when it is the process of receiving a large delivery results in the message "The Everserve service could not be stopped". None. The Everserve server has actually stopped.
When Everserve cannot start, errors are logged to the screen. None
Everserve gives no indication of an error if can not connect to MySql None. Checking the everserve.log file will reveal the problem when trouble-shooting.
Unable to start Everserve shell or execute show commands on a target while it's receiving a large package. None.
Cannot find processes containing a quote in description using "show processes -f". Use asterisk (*) wildcard character instead of double quotes to search the strings.
If a Target runs out of disk space during a delivery, Everserve does not immediately halt the delivery. None.
When debugging is turned on, debug statements print to the console when starting the server and/or Everserve shell. None.
Cannot manually transform a non-SSL installation into an SSL installation. Uninstall Everserve and re-install, making sure the SSL option is checked.
Everweb Package Editor allows blank source or target file values in File Spec, although both are required elements. Make sure valid entires exist for the spec.
Net start everserve displays an empty command window if "interact with desktop" option is turned on. Do not check "interact with desktop" option if you want to start from command-line rather than autostarting service.
Custom Installer will freeze if invalid characters or sizes are entered for the MySQL Database size value. Enter only valid values for the database size.
Targets try to reconnect to the CM after a community has been deleted if that Target was unreachable at the time the community was deleted. Remove or delete all peers in the community before deleting the community.
Windows Target-only Installer reports "Wrong OS or OS version for application" on Windows NT4 systems with SP5 or lower. Run setup.msi instead of setup.exe. If this a first time use of an MSI installer, the machine will not know how to execute setup.msi. In that case, first execute InstMsiA.exe, provided in the installation folder. Then, proceed to execute setup.msi.
Everserve does not start Fiorano JMS server if there are embedded double-quotes in the Java classpath. If other Java applications are installed, it may be possible to have a classpath that includes embedded double-quotes. This will cause the JMS Server to fail to start. Edit classpath to remove any embedded double-quotes in path.
Everserve server continues running even though the Fiorano JMS Server is not running. None. Some Everserve commands are able to be executed without having to communicate with the JMS server. If a command is executed that requires contact with the JMS Server, the command will fail. Reviewing the everserve.log or everserve.err files will indicate that the JMS Server is not running. Contact technical support if restarting Everserve or the JMS Server on the failing system fails to get the JMS Server running.
When the logging level in log4J.xml is set to "Debug" level, information is logged to the screen during a join. None.
When the Everserve service is configured to run for a named user, the service will still start when another user logs in. None.
Everserve does not start if installed for a user that does not have correct rights. Grant user:
1. Full control of the C:\Program Files\Synchron Networks\ folder
2. Rights to run services
An Everserve start after an Everserve stop may print a "file creation error" on Win9x. None. Everserve starts. This message is printed out because the previous stop is still holding open the everserve_start.log file.
Multiple simultaneous deliveries to Win95 and Win98 targets stay pending. If you experience problems with deliveries stacking up on Win 9x systems, we suggest slowing down delivery schedules. This issue may arise due to system resource constraints typical to Windows 9x systems.
Immediate deliveries are not applied until all persistent messages for all previous deliveries are written to disk. None. Normal priority packages are not applied until packages with the Immediate priority finish.
When using MySQL as the database, the role of a Community Manager peer is sometimes shown as "Target". Reissuing the show peers -c community command usually shows the proper role.
Installing as a user does not give option to make items in start menu available to all users. If you want to make Everserve start menu items available to all users, install as an Administrator user.
"jmsserver stop" does not stop JMS Server on Solaris. Use kill command.
Mixed communities consisting of non-SSL enabled CM/PUB systems and SSL enabled Relay systems do not allow receipts to get back to Publisher. Make sure communities are not mixing non-SSL and SSL enabled peers.
Pausing Everserve on a Target system will sever the JMS connections to CM/PUB. Stop and Restart Everserve on the Target.
Publisher no longer receives receipts from Target after using the pause & resume commands on the Publisher system. Stop and Restart Everserve on the Publisher.
If you uninstall and re-install Everserve on the CM, saving the existing community definitions by preserving the Database, Everserve will not start. 1. Save off the Everserve\FioranoMQ5\bin\servercert and Everserve\FioranoMQ5\bin\serverkey files before uninstalling Everserve.
2. Make sure the Create Database option is NOT checked and reinstall and do not reboot your system.
3. Copy over the newly created files with the saved files from Step 1.
"deliver" command hangs if Everserve cannot connect to JMS Server. 1. Ctrl-C to stop hanging deliver command.
2. Stop Everserve on PUB.
3. Start Everserve on PUB.
4. Wait about 5 min for PUB to reconnect.
5. Redeliver the package.
A delivery may hang if the deliver command is executed immediately after a Publisher's network connection is lost and then quickly re-established. 1. Ctrl-C to stop hanging deliver command.
2. Stop Everserve on PUB.
3. Start Everserve on PUB.
4. Wait about 5 min for PUB to reconnect.
5. Redeliver the package.
Hyperlinks in end user documentation do not open related topics in other user guides as expected. Open other Everserve user guides manually.
On Win9x platforms, install may fail to create everserve.xml because of "Out of environment space" errors. 1. Allow the installation to continue, as it will do some required setup.
2. After the installation completes, do not select the Reboot option.
3. Go to your Everserve server directory and run the following command:
command.com /E:4096 /C config\xslt.bat